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Fees & Sponsorship

Our goal and dream for this counseling center is not to turn anyone down who truly wants help just because they cannot afford it.

The Intercoastal Counseling Group will counsel anyone who is able and willing.

60 min Counseling Session $125

30 min Counseling Session $75

30 min Counsulting Session $75


What is sponsorship?

This is where you can pay for someone who may benefit from counseling. Someone that needs counseling may not have the funds to cover their counseling. Also, some may not be willing to pay but would be open if it was free. Many that benefit from our counseling like to give back to help others so they can benefit as well. We do not take lightly the blessing of sponsorship. We will let you know when your sponsorship money is being used and it will never be used for anything else.

You can help:

A loved one, A family member or be Anonymous.

Become A Sponsor
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